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Secular Franciscan Order

Franciscan_Holy_HourThe Secular Franciscan Order (OSF) is a community of Catholic men and women who seek to pattern their lives after Christ in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi. Originally known as the Brothers and Sisters of Penance, the Order is approved and recognized by the Holy See by the official name of Ordo Franciscanus Saecularis. It is made up of the laity (men and women) and also secular clergy (deacons, priests and bishops). Although Secular Franciscans make a public profession, they are not bound by public vows as are religious orders living in community. The Third Order Regular (TOR), which grew out of the Third Order Secular, do make religious vows and live in community. The Holy See has entrusted the pastoral care and spiritual assistance of the OSF to the Franciscan First Order (Friars Minor) and Franciscan TOR because it belongs to the same spiritual family.

Entrance into the Order and Formation

Conditions for admission are: to profess the Catholic faith, to live in communion with the Church, to be of good moral standing and to show clear signs of a vocation. Membership in the Order is attained through a time of initiation, formation and the Profession of the Rule. The journey of formation, which should develop throughout life, begins with entrance into the fraternity. Mindful that the Holy Spirit is the principal agent of formation and always attentive to collaboration with Him, those responsible for formation are: the candidate, the entire fraternity, the minister with the council, the master of formation, and the assistant as spiritual guide. Profession is the solemn ecclesial act by which the candidate, remembering the call received from Christ, renews the baptismal promises and publicly affirms his or her personal commitment to live the Gospel in the world according to the example of St. Francis and following the Rule of the OSF.

Mary Queen of Peace Fraternity

SFO_Group_PhotoMary Queen of Peace Fraternity was established by the late Daniel Berry, OSF and is in a spiritual covenant with the Franciscan Brothers of Peace. The Fraternity and the brothers are drawn together in prayer and apostolate with Brother John Mary serving as Spiritual Assistant to the Fraternity. Communal prayer and formation meetings take place at Queen of Peace Friary on the first Friday of the month beginning at 6:30pm.

To learn more information about the Secular Franciscan Order please visit the link below. To learn more about Mary Queen of Peace Fraternity, please contact Brother John Mary Kaspari, fbp at: 651-771-5026.

National Fraternity of the Secular Franciscan Order

ConradCome & See Application

“Saint Francis gave his entire life out of love for Jesus Christ and His Church. We believe that Jesus is calling men today, just as He did in the time of St. Francis, to leave everything and follow Him. If you are a Catholic man 18 to 35 years of age and believe Jesus is calling you to a life of prayer, brotherhood and service as a Franciscan Brother of Peace, please consider applying to make a "Come & See" visit to our community in Saint Paul, MN by filling out the application below. May God bless you.”

Br. Conrad Richardson, fbp
Vocation Director


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The following are basic requirements that the Church and our brotherhood maintain for any man inquiring into our way of life:

  • You must be a practicing Catholic man between the ages of 18 and 35, regularly seeing a priest as your confessor for the sacrament of reconciliation and receiving the eucharist frequently.
  • You must be in a state of good mental, physical and emotional health. A psychological exam may be required.
  • You must be without any canonical impediment (i.e. any previous ‘marriage’ must be annulled; you have no dependent children, etc.).
  • You must be a high school graduate or have achieved its equivalent (G.E.D.).
  • You must be free of major debt.
  • You must be a U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident prior to submitting application to us.

Because we live exclusively on Divine Providence, we cannot provide any financial assistance to those men in foreign countries who may wish to travel to the U.S. to discern their vocation with us. However, we welcome all inquiries and will discuss the possibility of a visit if you are able to travel to Minneapolis / St. Paul on your own and have remained in contact with us for at least a year. If you meet all of the above requirements, we invite you to take the next step in your discernment process:

Requirements for Postulancy—Discerning a vocation to live one’s life as a Franciscan Brother of Peace involves a series of required steps leading to formation. These steps are:

  1. Initial Contact
  2. Come & See Visits
  3. Application & letters of recommendation submitted
  4. Invitation to enter
  5. Postulancy (1 year / 12 months)


Discernment and Formation

Discernment of a religious vocation involves prayer, quiet reflection and listening to the Lord. Discerning a possible vocation to our Brotherhood becomes more focused when one is accepted into our Postulancy program, a time of observership lasting 1 year / 12 months.

Formation as a Catholic Brother and particularly as a Franciscan Brother of Peace can be summed up as the lifelong process of becoming a whole and healthy man emotionally and spiritually, conforming one’s life to that of Jesus Christ, who, for our sake, “did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied himself (kenosis), taking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of men.”
(Phillippians 2:6-7)

Our life demands that we take active concern for each other; that we are honest and open to personal change through prayer and repentance - putting us personally in touch with suffering and human brokenness (first and foremost our own) as well as with the great joy and love that the Lord brings to us as we support one another in our struggles and common life. Postulants who petition to enter our Novitiate must exhibit the honesty and flexibility necessary to be formed and grow spiritually in the fullness of the Christian Faith and be willing to die to themselves for the sake of others, for love of Jesus.


Formation in the Franciscan Brothers of Peace involves two basic steps:

  1. The Novitiate—Formation officially begins at the start of the canonical Novitiate (lasting at least 1 year / 12 months). The man entering our Novitiate is received by the Guardian Overall and the community at a liturgical celebration, in which the rites of tonsure (the cutting of the hair and reception of a new Religious name) and investiture (clothing with the habit) take place.

    The Novice then receives instruction in the Catholic Faith by studying the Catechism, the Theology of the Body, the meaning of religious consecration by profession of the Evangelical Counsels, and Franciscan history and spirituality. The Novice is also given a complete overview of our life as Franciscan Brothers of Peace, our history, charisms, spirituality and apostolic work. We also consider “formation through experience” to be vital to our formation program. A greater portion of the Novice’s day is set aside for prayer, silence and study. During the Novitiate, and throughout the brother’s life, emphasis is placed on flexibility and a man’s willingness to change and become healed and whole by the power of God.

  1. The Profession of Vows—After the successful completion of the Novitiate, a brother is invited to profess Simple Vows, the Evangelical Counsels of poverty, chastity and obedience, for a period of three years. Formation continues with ongoing study, particularly of the Holy Fathers, Catholic and Franciscan mysticism, with increased apostolic experience. Finally, a brother may profess lifetime vows and become a full member of the Franciscan Brothers of Peace. Even after this stage, ongoing formation is essential to a brother’s life, and will continue until the end of his life.

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