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Fueled by the outrageous truths revealed by the videos released by Center for Medical Progress revealing Planned Parenthood’s selling baby parts; 7 brothers attended St. Paul’s rally, sponsored by Pro-Life Action Ministries, as part of the National Protest of Planned Parenthood.

The sheer number of people attending was overwhelming. Estimates of 4,500 gathered with the developing theme of creating and being a “firestorm” for defunding Planned Parenthood. Counted with many of our friends and veteran protesters, this particular rally had many first time rally participants and young women and children.

Br. Conrad led the brothers in opening and completing the rally with songs including, “God Bless America.” Brian Gibson was on fire, fueling and exhorting the crowd. Inspiring speeches were given by approximately a dozen speakers including state politicians, women from Silent-No-More, and other inspiring speakers from pro-life organizations.

Thanks to our generous benefactors for making it possible for us to participate in this awesome event.